Marci Vanover

Susan Godlove-Treasurer

Paws With Love is proud to have 

8 certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluators

Leann Legako

Susan Godlove

Keri Brammer

Katie Tompkins

Julie Anderson
JoAnn Muller

Sandi Colby

4 Certified Therapy Dog Testers/Observers

Leann Legako

Susan Godlove

Keri Brammer

Sherri Robertson

Sandi Colby

Sherri Robertson​

Leann Legako​

Julie Anderson-Secretary

Paws With Love is a non-profit group of volunteer handlers and their therapy dogs. Our members are certified with a national organization, Alliance of Therapy Dogs. All funding is obtained through donations.

Keri Brammer-President

Board Members 

JoAnn Muller - Vice President


General Information
We provide Therapy Dogs, Training, Evaluation, Registration and Volunteering. Therapy Dogs help promote emotional well-being, healing and over all quality of life. We also provide a reading program in local schools and the local library which provides reading practice for children in a non-judgmental atmosphere. If you are interested in requesting a free visit please contact us, we would love to hear from you!

​Paws With Love 

To provide comfort and companionship by sharing our therapy dogs with individuals in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and other institutions.