To provide comfort and companionship by sharing our therapy dogs with patients in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and other institutions.

Paws With Love is a non-profit group of volunteer handlers and their therapy dogs. Our members are registered with therapy organizations such as Therapy Dogs Inc. and Therapy Dogs International. All funding is obtained through donations.

Paws With Love is proud to have 

6 certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluators

Leann Legako

Susan Godlove

Keri Brammer

Katie Tompkins

Julie Anderson
JoAnn Muller

3 Certified Therapy Dog Testers/Observers

Leann Legako

Susan Godlove

Keri Brammer

General Information
We provide Therapy Dogs, Training, Evaluation, Registration and Volunteering. Therapy Dogs help promote emotional well-being, healing and over all quality of life. We also provide a reading program "Reading with Jake" which provides one on one reading practice for children in a non-judgmental atmosphere. If you are interested in requesting a free visit please contact us, we would love to hear from you!

​Paws With Love Members